Weyerhaeuser Pembina Timberlands - November 2021 Newsletter

What are Forest Management Plans?

Forest management plans have the following characteristics:

  1. Occur over large landscapes and are long-term strategic level forest growth forecasts,
  2. Establish goals, objectives and strategies in an effort to achieve sustainable forest management as defined by Alberta Government (GoA), environmental certification organizations, and Company policy,
  3. Contain extensive information and analysis on the forest resources
  4. Measure how forest management practices will enhance or protect other non-timber natural resources such as water, habitat, soil
  5. Ensure that forest management activities integrate with other forest users such as oil & gas, recreation, trapping, forest grazing, First Nations traditional uses via public involvement in the review of the FMP, and
  6. Follow environmental certification requirements.

What are Annual Operating Plans?

Plans that contain the detailed information on operations that between May 1 and April 30 of the year, which is referred to as the Timber year. Included in these plans are areas of planned harvest, road building and maintenance, and reforestation activities.

Click Here to access our Annual Operating Plan

What do Forest Professionals Do ??

A Forest Professional is involved in the science of managing and protecting forests. FPs are involved in a large range of activities covering timber harvesting, forest activity planning, sustainability planning, reforestation and road building and maintenance to name few.

We are happy to tell you a little bit more about what our more than 20 foresters do on a daily basis to manage our Timberlands area. Below is a map the Pembina Timberlands forest management area.

Did you know we work with a wide variety of people not just trees? Foresters work with the Government of Alberta, indigenous communities, local interest groups, industry partners and stakeholders when developing our plans.

Ask us about this, we really enjoy our work !!!


  • We manage 1,100,000 hectares of crown land (1 ha = 100m x 100m)
  • We have a Forest Management Agreement with the government of Alberta
  • We supply the Drayton Valley Sawmill over 800 000 m3/year of conifer timber annually
  • Conifer includes primarily pine and spruce
  • Provide the raw material to manufacture enough lumber to build 44,000 avg size single family dwellings
  • Edson OSB mill - 560,000 m3/year deciduous
  • Includes Aspen, Poplar and Birch
  • We manage approximately 700 km of permanent roads
  • We reforest every hectare of land we harvest
  • Annually that takes approx. 4.5 million trees on 6000 ha
  • We employ:
  • Over 20 Forest Professionals
  • 200 people in harvesting and roads
  • 100 people in hauling logs
  • 100 people in reforestation

We are looking to hear from you!

Have an opinion, have a concern, have an interest in understanding how forest management is applied, want to understand what and how we do what we do?

We enjoy highlighting the progressive nature with which we apply forest management objectives on the landbase.


We hold open houses annually in early summer

We hold community events in the fall and spring

We will have a forestry symposium in the spring

Watch for details in your local paper and social media

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